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Immigration Services




  • Look and See Trips.
  • Long Term Assignments.
  • Short Term Assignments.
  • Review of Assignment Contracts.
  • Determination of Fiscal Address.
  • Treaties to Avoid Double Taxation.
  • Immigration Filings:
    • Visa Authorization Application.
    • Filing for Temporary Resident Card.
    • Filing for Permanent Resident Card.
    • Change of Status from Temporary to Permanent.
    • Issuance of immigration document due to Renewal, Exchange or Change of Status Authorization.
    • Work Visa Applications.
    • Status Change Notifications (Temporary and Permanent Residents).
    • Exit and Re-entry Permits.
    • Replacement of immigration document.
    • Filing for Employer´s Registration Letter of Certificate.
    • Employer´s Registration Letter of Certificate.
    • Answer Summonses and Inspection Visits from the Immigration National Institute.


  • Real State Search for Expats.
  • Review of Lease Agreements.
  • Search for Spanish Language Schools.
  • Search for Schools, Universities and Technological Institutes for Expat´s Children.
  • Corporate Charge Deductions of Expat´s through Salaries:
    • Secondment Agreements.
    • Mirror Payroll.
    • Individual Employment Agreements under Mexican Law.
    • Expat´s Registration in the Taxpayer´s Register (RFC).
    • Filing for Electronic Pass Codes  (CIEC and FIEL) to comply with fiscal obligations.
    • Support with Monthly Tax Payments, Annual Tax Returns and, when required, Tax Refunds.
  • Registration with IMSS.
  • Opening of Bank Accounts.
  • Filings for Driver´s Licenses.

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